My work involves creating a space and concept that does not exist in the real world.

  I want to explore images that contain danger. I want to how we view women as carriers and directors of aggression, a role that is typically reserved for men.

  I come to photography through a lens of creative writing and film. I want to explore how a narrative can be constructed through a handful of non-sequential, non-linear images. How do we create the storyline? How do we envision “who” these people are, what activities they are undertaking, where are they?

  As a photographer, I seek to explore a narrative that only exists in an image, a instant in time that only pretends to have a beginning and end surrounding it. I want to establish a character, an environment, and a storyline that can be distilled to a series of images. I begin by creating the concept of a scene, an emotion, a narrative that can be explored. I want to explore the narrative not through a location, but through an object, a look, a glance.

  I want to explore how adding an object of typically male aggression; a knife, a cigarette, a pistol, can change the narrative weight when given to a female protagonist. I prefer to explore a slightly sinister aspect that forces the viewer to confront something aesthetically pleasing but clearly dangerous. I want to make these images appear if they were from a film or a newsmagazine, where the central figure appeared to be caught in a spontaneous moment rather than overly posed or staged. By doing this, the viewer seeks to explore the before, the after, the during of the photograph. They seek to explore what is going on, the true story of the figure in the photograph.